Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Meet My District

(Excerpts from Elder email: January 27th, 2014)

This week was a very busy week. We did a lot of harvesting and a lot of planting. This whole week we went HAM, and it was like 2 Degrees!!!! I'd say most of the houses didn't want to talk to us.  This whole past week we have been getting fed by our members every day because my companion leaves to go home in just a few days. Today, I found out who will be my next companion.  His name is Elder Webster. I hope he loves to work. The mission is going O.K. I'm realizing everyday just how bad some of the situations are for some people here in Wisconsin, but that's why I'm out here right?  To help people realize that through Christ all of their bad troubles will go away.
This morning during my study I had really felt prompted to read about Joseph, son of Jacob. I could not help but feel the love that poor Joseph had for his brothers who had done him wrong. As I was reading I was prompted to think of you guys. Sometimes mission life can get hard for me, because at times I miss home.  I remember though, that my family is receiving blessings for my service in God's army. This helps me push through down times.
My companion is eager to see his family! He is really excited but torn that he is leaving. I'm fine in the field Mom and Dad. How is Liam and Kyla? I miss Ipo, Isaiah, Ike and Kay, but I know that Lord loves us and prospers us while we each are serving.
Meet my district!
Love you guys,
Elder McMoore

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Immensely Happy for My Older Cousin!

(Excerpts from Eder's email: January 20th, 2014)

                                                               Elder Logan Gulliver
                                                               New Zealand Auckland Mission
                                                               Reports: March 13th, 2014

I'm glad to see that Logan got his mission call.  I'm immensely happy for my older cousin. I know he will learn what the lord has in store for him.  I am excited for him!!!!
Elder G and I don't run in the snow anymore.The Flinders family felt bad for us, so they let us use their gym. :)  J. and his family are struggling, but we are working on helping them. We have had two investigators come to church and they are reading the Book of Mormon diligently and we are working hard with them. I hope that my next companion likes to work. If not, then we are going to have to work on it. My current companion doesn't mind going home. He knows what he wants to do with his life and he is very motivated. Liz (Sister Kapu) sent me a card so I know hows shes doing. I also got a package from Gran. I REALLY MISS HER !!!  Time is flying by like a bird.  How's Ace and Ipo doing???
Love you, be safe and tell liam and kyla, "WISE CHOICES" LOL
Love your,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soooo cold!!!

(Excerpts from Elder's email: January 6th, 2014)

This week is sooooo cold. We are at -50 degrees right now.  Our Mission President said that we are not allowed outside at all. People here in Wisconsin are all bummed about the football loss to the 49ers.  One hard thing about my week was that we had our very first lesson with a same-sex couple and it was hard.  Well, it was first time for me. I felt that they were waiting for us to say that we believe that marriage is between a man and women.  It didn't go well and we were told to leave.  It's O.K. we move on.

J. and his family are going EXTREMELY strong and we moved his baptismal date to February 15th. They are all prepared and have us over almost every single day. I just went shopping so I don't need anything. Uncle's Vika , Junior and Matt are looking good.  I miss my uncles!! Son likes good as well. Do you know Maka sent me a letter in bold letters saying, "YOU BETTER NOT DARE WRITE BACK AND SAY YOUR HUNGER!!!" LOL I miss my cuz wuz. 

Mum we have tracked just about every street in Rapids! No joke.  Thank you for the early birthday wishes.  I will soon be 19. How weird !! I'm doing well, and love my mission.  I am learning so much.

Your Missionary



(Excerpts from Elder's email: Dec 30th, 2013)

My week was great it was pretty cold and now we are in the negatives. Did you guys show the video to Ipo? It was great to see all of you on Christmas and it was cool to see Liam and Kyla! Christmas was great, and the Flinders did a great job at making us feel loved and very welcomed. I love that family for ALL they do for us! Brother Flinders is a doctor and also a jokester as well !!! LOL
I go on a lot of exchanges which is fun because my companion is our District Leader. I don't think that I am ready for another companion just right now! I am doing fine, but I know that my next companion I will learn to love him just like the one I have now.
It is hitting negatives all week and man that is going to be a stubbling block for us when we work, but it's O.K. The junk thing about this weather is that it is impossible to stay warm. One trial that I am working on is patience.  I realize that I have been very patient this week and continue to work on it.  Being patient with investigators is hard but it its doable.

Your Missionary