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"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Eternal Progression

 (Excerpts from Elder's email: February 3rd, 2014)

My week was for sure a very difficult week for me. Having my trainer leave did take its toll, but I'm back on my feet. I miss the guy but he is living the life. When I got my new soa (companion) it was a brand new experience. It was a very foreign feeling. I feel that the lord has blessed Wisconsin Rapids truly because of Elder Webster. We both teach very differently. I have little knowledge compared to my trainer and Elder Webster but I am very fluent with my teaching and very bold and steadfast and adhere to the promptings of the spirit.

We lost J. but the lord has blessed us with a woman named T.  She is raging with the spirit. She was a referral from a friend and now she accepts the invitation to baptism and is doing great missionary work! She is bringing all of her friends over to the lessons and we are just teaching !!! It feels great.  My current companion is EXACTLY obedient !!! Which is good and his brother in law is Ipo's Uncle.  He's Uncle Q's brother or cousin.  That's pretty cool.  My companion showed me a picture and they look similar accept one is tattoo free.  LOL

My broskie (Isaiah) looks good! I was touched to see the picture of the Samoa, Apia temple because it made me feel very proud to have Isaiah serving the people of Samoa. He gets to experience the light that he can bring to families. I shared with him in our last email to, "start learning how talk to God because he's the only one you will have here." I know the Lord will bless him. Lindsey will have a great experience in Thailand!!! I'm stoked for my brother! He will be a great tool in the field!!
I love you guys and miss you guys. Thanks for everything.
Elder McMoore
                                                  (Second from Left: Elder Isaiah Mo'o)
                                Serving Samoa, Apia Mission out of Makakilo Stake, Hawaii
                                   Elder Mo'o & Greenies walking to Samoa, Apia Temple

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