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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flinder Family and Greenie Meal

(Email sent: November 10th, 2013)

Hello Gautavai, McMoore, Hansen and Olsen Families!!

We are privileged to have your son or daughter serving in our ward.  Thanks for preparing them to serve a mission, for we appreciate their efforts and love the missionaries serving in our ward.  They are a great example to us, to our children and to the youth.  You can be very proud of them.
Since Elder McMoore and Sister Olsen are both fresh from the MTC, we decided to have a special greenie meal for them tonight.  It took them by surprise and we had a great time making dinner.  Just about everything that we could make green was green.  We made homemade green buns for sloppy joes (couldn't figure how to make tomato sauce green though), green beans, green salad with green ranch dressing, green apple sauce, green gatorade and green lemon pudding.  
Afterwords, we had a wonderful message that all the missionaries participated with.  The message was about personal revelation.  It was inspiring to our entire family.  The Spirit was present and we were well taught.

Thanks again for preparing such wonderful missionaries.  We will help take care of them while they are on the Lord's errand and away from you.
Craig, Karalee, Nathan, Jennie, Cameron, and Emme Flinders (and our dog Fletcher)

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