Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wisconsin Rapids Ward

(Excerpts from Elder's email: November 25th, 2013)
My week was sooo much better!  Guess what???  WE HAVE A BAPTISM ON THE 21st OF DECEMBER.  YESS!!!  A.  has gone through so much. I love him for the way he is towards us.
(Questions for the Elder)
Q: Are you living in a house?  With members?  OR in an apartment with your companion or with another set of missionaries?
A:  It is just me and my companion and we live in an apartment.  It's pretty roomy.  It's clean because we are always cleaning it.
Q:  How many lessons were you able to share this week?
A:  We taught 11 lessons this week.
Q:  What is the name of your Ward?
A: The ward that I am serving in is called Wisconsin Rapids ward.  We have 80 active members that attend church.  It's small but the people are soooo loving.  I love them.
Q:  Who is the Bishop in your ward and what is he like?
A: Our Bishop is Bishop Black.  He's a really nice man and funny! LOL
Q:  Share one experience that you had this week that strengthened your testimony.
A: One experience that impacted me this week was when A. accepted the invite to be baptized.  I've never felt the spirit shoot the whole room as fast as it did that night.  I knew that moment that the Lord was preparing A. for the gospel and that he was ready to receive it.
"I have 23 fast Sundays left!"
Your Missionary
 This is the Ingrams who I really love.
My soa and I, Sisters Hansen and Olsen.
Recent converts Brother Hetzell and Sister Kraus.

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