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"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We eat so much deer here.

(Excerpts from Email sent: December 2, 2013)
"My week went by so slow, but it was still a great week."
Q: How is A. who committed to be baptized? Is he holding firm?
A: A. is doing good, but we are still teaching him the restoration. He's a really great guy.
Q: Did you receive your care package from Grandma?
A:  Yes, thank you so much!  My companion and I downed the macadamia nut chocolate and cookies in 20 minutes. MAN!!! MY COMP AND I WERE SO GRATEFUL!!!!
Q:  Share a spiritual experience that happened this week.
A: This week my companion shared with me how we all have spiritual gifts and I wanted to know what mine where.  I fasted and prayed and I received an answer from the scriptures which my companion read the following day.  He said that he felt prompted to share it and I realized that one spiritual gift I have is to think positive.  It was neat receiving personal revelation through the scriptures!
Q:  Who fed you on Thanksgiving?  I received a text with pictures from someone named Stacy.
A:  Sister P. took those pictures and text them to you.  We had pie at her house, it was great! She is feeding us all again tonight.  She is great.
Q:  The missionary sisters in some of your pictures, are they in the same ward?
A:  Yes, Sister Olsen and Sister Hansen are in the same ward as us.  They are driven missionaries and are such power houses! We are fed together some nights.  We eat so much deer here.
Q:  So, what is it like to live in the snow?
A: I DON'T LIKE SNOW!  It's so cold and everything is just white and it gives me a headache.  I miss color and the sun.
Q:  Do you have a mission car?  Do you drive?
A:  Yes, we have a mission car and no I don't drive because I don't want to crash on the roads.  The roads here are frozen with ice and I don't want to take the chance, but in the summer I can! :)

"How is Ipo, Isaiah and Taylin?  I love you guys.  Until next week."
Your Missionary.
 One of our members catch after hunting deer
Elder McMoore, Elder Gautavai,
 Elder Andrews and Elder Iongi

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